Well Pet Exams
We provide complete well pet care for every stage of your pet’s life.  This includes vaccines, parasite control and wellness lab testing.  For older animals, we recommend more frequent exams and labwork. Please call or email us for more information regarding your individual pet.
Illness Exams
There are a number of medical conditions that can be managed in the house call setting.  Skin and ear problems, minor wounds and infections and management of chronic conditions are a few examples.  Please call or e mail us to determine if the house call setting is appropriate for your pet’s needs.
Health Certificates
We are qualified to provide Health certificates for both domestic and international transport of your pet including appropriate lab testing and microchip placement.  For international travel, please provide the requirements for the country of import at the time of the exam.
End of life/Hospice care
Our emphasis for our older and ill pets is on quality rather than length of life.  We believe that these animals need regular monitoring to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.  When comfort is no longer possible, humane euthanasia in the comfortable home setting is provided.
Surgery, Radiology and Hospitalization
There are procedures that cannot be addressed adequately in the house call setting.  For these times, we will recommend full service facilities depending upon the extent of the problem.  We will work closely with the referral facility to make sure that they are provided with all of your pet’s medical history promptly.

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