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Q. What if I have an emergency?
 A. We believe that emergency situations require around the clock veterinary care. We recommend two local emergency hospitals.
West Los Angeles, we refer to:
Animal Surgical and Emergency Center (ASEC)
310 473-1561
 Culver City we refer to:
Advanced Critical Care at City of Angels
310 558-6100
Q. How do I make an appointment?
 A. You may call ourLos Angeles veterinarianteam at 310 581-8382 and leave a message or e mail us atvet2ula@yahoo.com. Please leave us your phone number and the best times to reach you. Messages left before 8pm are answered on the same day, usually within three hours.
Q. What if my pet needs x rays or surgery?
A. Because we are amobile veterinary service, we schedule days at local veterinary hospitals for these procedures. For an additional charge, we can pick up and drop off your pets for you or you may bring them in yourself.
Q. How do I prepare for my pet’s appointment?
A. Please make sure that all cats are confined to a closed room at the appointed time. For routine health exams, you should collect a fecal sample in a plastic bag beforehand. For geriatric health exams, a urinalysis is required. If you are able to collect this yourself it will be less

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House Call Vet Services FAQ

stressful for your dog and less expensive for you. Walk your dog with a clean flat pan such as a pie pan. Collect about one tablespoon of urine in the pan and transfer it to a clean jar. Refrigerate it until your exam time. It is usually not possible to collect urine in this way from cats.Q.  Should I obtain pet insurance for my pet?A. Here is a link that evaluates pet insurance, please review the link to see if pet insurance is right for you and your pet.    http://www.reviews.com/pet-insurance/.
Q. What if I have to cancel my appointment?
A.House call vetappointments can be rescheduled or cancelled without a fee up until two hours before the scheduled time. After that a fee of $100.00 will be assessed.
Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
A. We accept Mastercard, Discover and Visa debit and credit cards as well as cash.  We accept checks from established clients with a valid drivers license.  Payment is expected when services are rendered.
Noodles has his blood pressure checked
Pickles gets an exam